Something, Maybe - Elizabeth Scott Two words. Loved it.
Four Syllables. Hi-la-ri-ous. That's four syllables, right? Omg, my gut heart sooo bad. One of my favorite lines: "Having a seizure. I didn't know the human neck could move like that." Man, you don't even have to know what the book is talking about at that specific moment and you still burst out laughing. I especially love the main-character's sense of humor, no doubt the irritating Finn--whose name I cannot, under any circumstances, comprehend--he's just the right type of annoying, that whenever he says something it looks like your having an aneurism because your trying not to laugh, lol turning all purple and shit. But, seriously I've got to give props to Scott, although I've only read one other of her books (Perfect You) I have no doubt that her romantic-comedies will sell out one day. Even if they're not intended to be in that specific genre.
One word. Sad. And so realistic that I couldn't get through a specific sad sentence without a tear forming in my eye. But that's just me, I tend to cry very is easily, yet haven't cried in a long time--not counting the times I read books of course. Anyway, I personally felt that this book was written especifally for me--and I know that sounds chiched, and quite shallow, but still doesn't mean its not true. I've had my own fair share of dad problems--still do--but there was one special sentence, I guess you can say, that really caught me. And yes, I actually did underline it in the book. (Do not mock me, it was very touching) Anyways, here it is: "Jose showed me love isn't about getting what you want, but about being there--really being there--for your family." Okay, so you probably don't know who Jose is but that's not the point. I can relate to the main character so much its heartbreaking, but of course my father does not have half- or fully-naked women in his house--or at least I hope not, because if he does....Ewww.
Before I start giving away too much about the book, I just want to say that I have to give Scott major props for this one; it will always be one of my all time favorites. (Next to The Host, of course) :P

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