Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon Just because I'm doing my monologue on this book is not the only reason I'm reviewing. It's also because it is extremely funny, and I'm a sucker for one those anytime, day, season, etc. Julian, I guess you would say, is a soldier with a bad, tormenting history; one that I couldn't fathom without there being some sort of moisture coming out of my tear ducts. For two thousand years, Julian has been nothing but a full moon to full moon, pleasure trip for anyone who conjures him from his book.
Grace is a sultry maiden, who has her own, tormenting background. When a friend recommends that she try something different to "satisfy her aching loins", well...what harm could there be...
About halfway through you just about figure out that there's more to this couple than meets the eye; and I'm not just talking about Julian's mother, literally being the Goddess of Love--that just happens to get in the way, but is very well appreciated towards the end. Sure, these two kids fall in love--in the most sexual meaning of the word--but there's the underlying time-limit thats arising. And with everything she has, Grace will fight her way to keep her God by her side.

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