Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins I liked the second half better than the first half but overall it was a well-written book. However, with the length that it was I would have much preferred it to be a stand-alone--which I don't think it is considering the cliffhangers at the end. And speaking of the ending, it killed me. I did not like it in the least. I do think that it was a great read but I'm tired of series. Plus, considering how thick the book was, it would have been an awesome book by itself (with a better ending, of course). The plot building was indeed very detailed and thorough, it wasn't difficult to comprehend, and included a variety of characters whom I have of course fallen in love with.

For those who have read it already, Kope is my favorite. (I mean, seriously, how could he not be?) And I do believe that Kaidan is a bit of a coward.

Grade: B

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