Picture the Dead - Adele Griffin, Lisa Brown Starting this book I was leaning towards giving it a 3.5 stars but towards the middle, there was a plot twist that was too sudden between to characters that was probably very predictable to those that have read this book but it was too big of a change that my interest in the rest of the book dwindled. Although I did end up skimming through the latter half of the book, and it was more of an excitement, there was just too much lacking from the first half for me to credit the characters and the book overall with 3 stars. I think it was the main character herself that made me reduce Picture the Dead to two stars, because the whole book seemed a bit self-centered to me. Even though her love for her brother and fiancé were evident and a solid fixture in the book, it was more like the book focused too much on Jennie, her pickpocketing, and her scrapbook. And while that may have been the point I just didn't like that main focal point and ended up giving it 2 stars.

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