A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin Finally done, and oh boy what an ending...

Oh man, this took forever and a day but it was worth it. I am going to continue with the series, however, I'm taking a break from it before I start A Clash of Kings.

Quick pro and con: Loved the camaraderie in the different groups of men, from Lord Eddard's men to Khal Drogo's to Jon's. Hated the cruelties of war in the Seven Kingdoms and of the khalasars, and obviously the way the women were treated. Though there's no love lost for me towards Lady Catelyn and Cersei; despised for different reasons but despised all the same.

I especially had major problem's with a certain main character's death because it was just stupidly executed but that's my biggest complaint towards the book and does not detract from its merits.

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