Frankenstein, Or, the Modern Prometheus: With Connections - Mary Shelley I liked my second reading of Frankenstein way more than my first, and I can make more connections with book and its characters than I ever could before. There are so many similarities between Victor and the monster, as well Robert and Victor, and Robert and the monster. I more aptly appreciated the allusions Shelley made and can agree with my Shakespeare-loving English teacher that Shelley had to have read Macbeth because the undertones of it are very significant. I hope that as I read more classics and possibly re-read Frankenstein in the future, that I may pick up on even more subtle hints that Shelley drops throughout the book about both Victor and the monster. I did mark the four stars out of five because, while I loved it, there were many things a bit off in the writing and pacing of the book. It was greatly evidenced that Shelley was a bit of an inexperienced author but she had damn good storytelling and imaginative powers.

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