Switched  - Amanda Hocking Honestly I wish I could give this 0 stars. I hate that I didn't like Switched as much as I wanted to. This type of poor execution of a book makes me want to rant about how terrible it was. I didn't like the main character, Wendy, didn't like that ALL of the questions she had went unanswered because by the end I felt like I was left with one big question on my forehead. I don't even know what the purpose for this first installment in the series was. Usually the first book is the base, when you first get introduced to most of the characters--which this book did do--and when you get the background/details necessary to somewhat discern what the rest of the series will be about--which this book failed to do. The latter frustrated me to no end.

It's when I got to the very last page in the book that I realized everything that had previously occurred--all the action that took place, the secret behind Wendy's true identity--had no significance whatsoever.

SPOILER: She ended up right back where she started.

I'm sorry if this sounds incoherent but I skimmed through the majority of the book, hoping that by some miracle it would reel me in enough to take notice of the little details that make books unique in their own right. Obviously, that did not happen and I felt reading this book was a waste of my time.

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