The Day Before - Lisa Schroeder They both have secrets/promises, one of them more publicized than the other, but both equally painful to keep. For this book, the title really says it all. The Day Before explores the moments in the day before their life changes irrevocably. She's called Jelly because of her Jelly Bean addiction, was it really a surprise that they met as she watched him stare at jellyfish?

Only two things kind of slowed me down while reading this book--and had me a little confused--and I don't think these are spoilers: her best friend, and her little stalking expedition. Those two could have been easily been taken out of the book and made no difference in the end. However, I would have to say it did add to their whole relationship-in-a-day scheme. And overall, it was sweet and made me cry--because I'm sappy like that. I do believe that The Day Before will touch its readers on a more personal level because right from the beginning, I felt like I was right beside Amber the whole way through. Plus, it did have a somewhat more hopeful type of ending, and that really tied into both "impossible" situations the main characters were going through.

I'd like to read The Day Before again on a rainy day or by the beach, when I know I'll be able to appreciate the scenery, metaphors, and depictions the author gives an endless supply of. I do recommend this book, because its quick but heartfelt.

Grade: B

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