Captivate - Carrie Jones It's only after Zara saves a pixie king that things really start to get chaotic around Bedford, Maine. When she trapped her father, she originally thought that that was only the beginning when it came to dealing with the crazy pixies trying to take over her small, winter town. However, what she doesn't expect is for this pixie king to be nice to her. What's up with that? See, when Zara came to this pixie king's rescue, she encountered another untrustworthy creature that's recruiting for a war that's said to happen very soon. When bits of mythology and history of Norse gods come to life, Zara must try to do whatever it takes to protect her family and friends. In Captivate, Book 2 of the Need series, she will have to sacrifice more than ever before.

After I read Need I knew ultimately that I would go on to read the next book in this series because I felt the war that was brewing in Bedford. I liked many things about Captivate; mostly has to do with the trickling off of events that happens after the rescue in the first scene of the book. That definitely had me grasping for more, so much so that the first time I read Captivate I ended more skimming the end than actually reading it thoroughly--something I got to yesterday for the first time. Now that Entice, Book 3, is coming out, I thought I'd review Captivate now, since in a couple of days I'll be posting my review for Book 3 too.
Anyway, when Astley--the new pixie king--and Zara encounter each other numerous times before the great ending, you can definitely feel the tension between them. That, inevitably, creates tension between Zara and Nick. I really loved the similarities in personalities between the couple throughout the book and they definitely have their faults as well. However, I found some minor glitches that I couldn't get over while reading Captivate. Zara's behavior is more and more erratic closer to the ending and it's understandable but her mood swings are a little dizzying. She often finds that she's contradicting her own thoughts after she has them; and the Weres lack of trust in pixies creates a huge rift in the scheme of things. In the end, Zara and Nick really do love each other, and in the end, that's what's put to the test the most. Zara finds herself having to confront something she made up her mind on long ago. Her perseverance to see the people she loves safe is what I find the most admirable of all. Let's just say that if you liked, loved, Need then you will be dumbfounded about Captivate.

Grade: B-

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