Never Bite a Boy on the First Date - Tamara Summers I really liked this one for it's humor and constant flings. Where should I start? First of all, we have Kira. She's been turned into a vampire after a car accident and now lives with her "family." After one nasty mistake of turning a jock into one of her kind, Olympia and Wilhelm "the parents" have not forgotten and make a point to lecture her on it every so often. So, of course, when there's a dead body on the front steps of their new school, who do we call? (Sorry, I thought Ghost Busters would be funny in this vampy tale.)
Anyway, to prove her innonence in this situation, at least, Kira sets off to find the real murderer. Instead, she gets three amazingly cute suspects.

I adored the writing style taken on because it creates Kira into an even more of a believable character than she would be if the author had just stated Kira's background and moved on from there. I due admit that some times were predictable in the book, in the sense that you thought you knew who the murderer. I mean, I had my suspicions, but I was not prepared for the ending. Surprising, to say the least. Satisfying, at most. I couldn't get over how realistic Kira seemed when she confronted some of her past in the most unexpected ways. She's flirtatious, outgoing, vulnerable but strong, and knows her limit. Characteristics I find endearing in this particular heroine. The other characters were equally viewed as important through Kira's search, and were very convincing in their personalities. It felt like for every action they had a reason/secret behind it.

Recommended for it's great technique and cool perception of the vampire basics. (And because of all the cute guys, of course.) ;)

Grade: B+

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