Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti Lani's always been too hard on herself. As if running One World wasn't enough to save the planet, Lani actually likes riding her bike than she does driving a car. Lani's the type of person who's real. She gets things like fate, astrological signs, tarot reading, and mixes them into the outcome that will be your life. She doesn't like the Unknown, but who does? So when she feels this instant attraction for her best friend's boyfriend--Jason--what's girl a to do but follow her fate. No matter how hard she fights it, Jason seems to show up every where she looks; not being very easy to avoid--Jason or her feelings. During the summer, while Erin is away for two months being a counselor at camp, Lani and Jason are left alone. With potential love in the air, Lani's dreading the day when school starts and Erin comes back. How can you break it to a friend that saved your life, that you think you're falling in love with her boyfriend?

I read The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott not to long ago, and had to immediately relate how comparable both of these two books themes were. I don't know if the two authors had the been sharing ideas or it was just a weird coincidence, but I have to say that they both managed to create characters with their own unique personalities that each support their background. I haven't read many books by Colasanti, but Something Like Fate will definitely be memorable. I loved how Lani was always sure of herself and who she was. Her fascination with saving the planet and fate was adorable and compelling at the same time. The constant similarities between Jason and Lani was cute and the relationship she had with Erin was deep. However, when it came to the very end, Lani's need for Erin's forgiveness left Lani looking like a toddler seeking approval. All in all, Colasanti did great job of incorporating the struggle to keep your feelings bottled up and the pain that ensues when they're revealed.

Grade: B+

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