Dancing With Ana - Nicole Barker Beth has four best friends, a mother who cares more attentively since her dad left them, and a quirky brother. Beth decides to go on a diet one day because she supposedly wants to look like the most popular girl in school, but is that really the reason she chooses to starve herself? And worry everyone who cares about her deeply? I think not. And if Beth looked a bit deeper into her conscience she would see it, too. However, with her own friends going through their own transitions, they still support Beth any way they can. Especially Jeremy. Sweet, wise Jeremy; the one who has been there for Beth through thick and thin. Will Jeremy's love and care be enough to stop Beth from destroying herself completely?
Of course, my favorite character has to be Jeremy because he does not give up hope on the people he loves most. If I looked at this quick-read and analyzed it personally, I would be sobbing right along with Beth because we are so alike when it comes to the parentals. Thing is, I didn't have a Jeremy and am quite jealous, lol. Albeit my father's worse but, no one deserves to be that traumatized. One day it's perfect, the next your left feeling like the memories will never be enough. I was a bit disappointed, because in the beginning it all seemed cliched to me. After a while, you kind of get into the rhythm of the plot line and the other characters' backgrounds start popping out. Recommended to all teens having parental issues and having their own way of dealing with it.

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