Undiscovered Gyrl - Allison Burnett Okay, for once I'm going to skip to my own little made-up synopsis. There are four specific words that sum up this story, in a nutshell: crudely honest yet deceitful. Straight-up. The fact that it's written in blog-format is just a bonus, I swear. By the time you get through the first few posts of self-knowing to self-questing, you're hooked. I got a head-ache from reading straight from the start to page 174. ('Course, that could have been also because it was the middle of the night.) The sexual innuendo is definitely most of the main reason, everything else, random facts. You will laugh at the most saddening parts because you inevitably know what's going to happen next, yet it still manages to catch you by surprise because you sure as hell aren't psychic. Undiscovered Gyrl, I guess you could say is a discovering novel. Makes sense, right? "Kate" remains anonymous throughout, but yet how can she? She's telling a life-story, but is it really hers? You don't know who she is, so....It's riveting and quite appalling at times, a can't look away sort of thing. This might be one of the shortest reviews ever, but no doubt it is one of the best. Book, not review. ;) (Although...)
I was initially think of making this a "crudely honest" review, to portray the fragility of the main character but also of the arrogant strength that young adults cannot survive without (that Allison so dearly states, and for that I thank him!). Hopefully, I can at least go out with a bang! How's this:
Recommended to all YAs out there deferring from their freshman year of college, (males get ready for boners and females, changing of the undies will soon be in order) for you will not stop 'til you pass out from trying stand-up when you've been in your reading position so long--has happened, beware!
Warning: Wrote review with still a third of the novel left to cherish; if I had reviewed it after finishing it all (like normal people, bleh) I would have most likely forgotten what I had read the previous day, has happened!

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