Fade - Lisa McMann Fade isn't what you would normally call a fun, funny, good-time book. But hey, half of the books in this nation aren't like that so why should this one be any different? Much like its debut novel--Wake--Fade has it secrets and mysteries, only this time its future--or should I say her future--is a whole lot more gloomier. The fate the awaits Janie, is nothing like what she expected--except she's not that surprised, especially with the way things are going on now with the dreams.
Yes, Janie is a dream-catcher, yes she thinks that her boyfriend Cabe is the most understanding person in her life rigt now, and yes she likes working undercover for the police because it gives her "ability" a purpose....But will her next assignment be too much for her and Cabe to handle, or will her upcoming future tear them apart? I recommend this novel (as well as its former, Wake, if you haven't read it already) to anyone interested in the tragedies in risking your well-being to save other's.

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