Leftovers - Laura Wiess Blair & Ardith. Two life friends telling a two-perspective story, from the transition of junior high--which ends with ninth grade, allegedly--to the battle that is high school. There is intent and there are consequences, and in the story you will learn how to get one done and take "precautions" against the other. Unlike Such a Pretty Girl, I did not read all of Leftovers--actually I skipped a good chunk of the middle section of the book, only to look back on the crucial details. But, also unlike Red-headed Stepchild, I did it--not because I couldn't wait till the end, though that was part of it the reason, but--because the frustration and confliction between the main characters were weighing me down.
Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to any hard-steel YA readers, though it has a bit of sexual content--but you kind of have to be prepared for some emotional baggage, you know? The author--Laura Wiess--was undoubtedly brilliant in catching the essence of the characters--every last one of them. If you thought Such a Pretty Girl--if you've read it that is--was spectacular, then I would recommend this novel/story in a heartbeat.

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