Someone Like You - Sarah Dessen Change is everything. Oppisites become regulars.
Having to depend on someone most of her life, Halley realizes that now it's her turn to take care, watch over, and instruct Scarlett through this unexpected pregnancy. She has to be the strong one. What, at first, Halley doesn't realize is that she's going through changes herself. Personally. Emotionally. Mentally. Whether they're good or bad is not her concern. It's whether she's ready for what's looming over her head. What's rumbling in the distance. Is she ready to be the dominant of the pair? Is she ready for the decisions that are coming at her head-on? Is she ready to defy the way she has lived her life for fifteen years for Scarlett, and again for the guy? Though, is he really the guy? Is she ready to be an aunty?
I have two favorite characters; more like features from said characters. Halley, through her first stages of the book, being the quiet one, waiting for someone to take the dominate position as her friend. Then there's Micheal, the one who was killed. Who belonged nowhere and everywhere; and that's why they loved him. Praised him for being of a different flavor.
Someone Like You is insightful, in a heart-felt way that let's you view, not only the life of a pregnant teenager, but the effects it causes upon others that surrond her--specifically the MC. Only thing that tickled me was the frustrating Mother--Halley's, I mean, never really giving Halley a chance to explain. I think this book lacks a bit in detail, but besides that I would recommend this book to YA readers, and hope they like the ending as much as I did.

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