Whisper - Phoebe Kitanidis Joy's whole life was summed up entirely by pleasing others, and giving what they wanted. She did this because it was what was taught to her to do with her ability to Hear. Hearing Whispers was something the women of her mom's side of the family were born with. Dealing with the constant desires--wishes, hopes, dreams--of the people around her was bombarding when she was little. By the age of eleven, Joy could handle the Whisper's and even grant some of them. However, with her sister, Jessica, it was a totally different story. Always making Joy's life a living hell at home, Icka--Jessica--wanted her baby sister to feel the constant crowding she felt everyday.

When Joy finally confronts Icka for the first time, it shocks both of them, it lights a fire to new discoveries in the family and in Joy's way of life. Instead of always trying please everyone that wants something, Joy slowly comes to terms to the revelation that she needs to please herself; and find out the truth of her gift. When she hears a stray Whisper from her sister, Joy automatically feels that something is not right and that Icka is in danger. From the very beginning, she attracted attention from an unknown follower. Always there, wondering. Then when Joy unexpectedly and indirectly knows she needs his help to find her sister, he's there along for the ride; to save her sister from killing her Whispers.

When I first started reading Whispers, I cannot deny that I had low expectations. I'd been reading one star- to two star-reviews of Whisper for a while now. When it was finally my turn to read it, I knew I was determined to see why such negative buzz was generating in the blogosphere. What I didn't expect to find was the hidden comical, slash hip referenced heartfelt read Whispers turned out to be. Frankly, I don't know what some reviewers were thinking (though I respect their opinions) but this was a brand new view between a not-so-hidden family struggle that still had problems underneath mom's bubbly exterior. Whispers centered around a gift/curse that came with spontaneous headaches when someone was trying to block their Whispers from others. The constant issues between the sisters was extremely enticing to my senses of being an only-child. And the frequent flashbacks in the beginning were a bit disturbing when I wished the book to move forth with main action of Joy's story, but really were building up the history of of Joy and Icka's relationship through their years. Having a seventeen-year-old sister who knew how to ruin Joy's birthday parties, left some mystery when she was really absent for her fifteen's. Through many people's Whispers, new and broken friendships, and heart wrenching memories, Whispers goes through a tale of one Hearer's new identity found when another stopped pushing it her toward it. By the end, you get to read for yourself Joy's new found bravery and her true love for her sister.

With funny phrases like "hiccough", and some really weird encounters with another being that may be dealing with something more wrenching than her own gift, Joy's tale will suck you in. So deep that you'll be screaming profanities at your front door when the ice cream truck drives by, vainly hoping they'll stop blaring their corny jingle so fing loud.

Recommended to all ages. Since I'd never forewarned any against this before, I'll start now: there is some profanity in the novel, and a slightly crazed scene at the end. But if you're like me, you'll love every word of it! Buy this when it releases next month, and spread the word of what you think you'd Whisper about the most.

Grade: A

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